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Learning Disability Assessment in Long Beach, California

Learning disability assessment for students in Long Beach, CA

Many profoundly intelligent and capable people cope with learning disabilities. Albert Einstein. Steven Spielberg. Erin Brockovich. Whoopi Goldberg. Richard Branson.

With the right environment and encouragement, a person can learn to enhance their personal strengths while accomodating their areas of weakness.

Our psychologists provide the kind of in-depth psychological assessment that just isn't available through the school system. We take a careful, integrative approach — making sure to assess for all the common causes of problems in school:

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Dr. David Godot, Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Long Beach, CA

Dr. David Godot

Supervising Psychologist

Experienced in school neuropsychology and autism spectrum, Dr. Godot specializes in mental health diagnosis, and helping to differentiate complex symptoms or co-occuring disorders.

What ages can be tested for learning disabilities?

While some schools may provide preliminary psychoeducational testing for children as early as kindergarten, we focus on testing for ages 8 & up. We provide testing for elementary, middle, and high school students.

Our psychologists are uniquely experienced in identifying learning disabilities and other educational and occupational difficulties in college students and young adults.

Can adults be tested for learning disabilities?

Yes! The tests we use to identify learning disabilities are valid up to age 50.

What tests are used to identify learning disabilities?

To identify specific learning disabilities, we look for discrepancies between a student's raw intellectual ability, and the actual performance they demonstrate on academic tasks. We also want to rule out any other problems that could be interfering with school performance.

Our learning disability assessments typically include:

  • An IQ test (WISC-V or WAIS-IV) to measure intellectual ability
  • An achievement test (WIAT-III) to measure academic performance
  • Clinical interviews and measurements of behavioral and emotional health (BASC-3, M-PACI, MACI, or MCMI)

What kind of doctor tests for learning disabilities?

At Psych Lab, learning disability assessments are performed by licensed clinical psychologists.

Clinical psychologists complete up to four years of specialized training in psychological assessment. We pay special attention to a student's movement, eye contact, use of language, thought process, relationships, and other signs of developmental, sensory, or psychological functioning. This allows us to accurately identify problems that are often missed by school psychologists, physicians, psychiatrists, or therapists.

As a result, private testing is often more likely to produce recommendations for services outside the school system that can help a student overcome limitations and maximize their strengths.

How much does testing for learning disabilities cost?

Current pricing can be found at

Does insurance cover testing for learning disabilities?

Most insurance plans will not cover testing for educational purposes, as they consider it the responsibility of the school system and not a medical issue.

If a healthcare provider refers you for a learning disability evaluation to facilitate medical or psychiatric treatment, then the insurance company may consider testing medically necessary. In this case, they may cover some or all of the cost of testing.

Psych Lab is a private clinic providing out-of-network service. We do not bill insurance directly, and collect payment directly from patients or their families at the time of service. However, we do provide billing statements with all the information needed for you to file a claim, and provide access to an app that makes it easy to submit your claims from your smart phone in less than a minute.