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Rachel Barraza, MA

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

“I’ll help you create a life of peace, gratitude, and contentment.”


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Rachel's Personal Statement

First and foremost, I want to commend you for seeking therapy. The idea of opening up to a stranger can feel scary. Rest assured, my goal is to provide you a warm and inviting atmosphere free of judgment and expectation. Allow me to support you with whatever challenges you’re facing during these unprecedented times.

As a therapist, I have experience working with individuals presenting with issues including depression, anxiety, grief/loss, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, autism, ADHD, trauma, psychosis, addiction, and other major life adjustments. As a social worker, I have worked with many cultural backgrounds that are different from my own. As such, I strive to always consider the importance of culture in providing care to all of my clients.

My therapeutic style is founded upon authenticity and acceptance. I show up as myself so that you feel safe to be your authentic self. I prefer to look past diagnostic labels and to see the individual within the context of their life. Using an attachment-based theoretical perspective, I often use dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) to assist clients in coping with life’s challenges. I have found DBT to be extremely helpful in managing emotions and stress, maintaining healthy relationships, and decreasing impulsive behaviors.

All humans have developed healthy and unhealthy, helpful and unhelpful, ways of dealing with things. With successful therapy, you will be able to identify overarching patterns in your life, choose healthier ways of coping, and accept things that are out of your control. Ultimately, you and I will help you live a deeply satisfying life filled with peace, gratitude, and contentment.