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Dr. Nicolette Zangari, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

“I’ll help you shine a light on your blindspots, define your values, and move towards a meaningful life.”


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Dr. Zangari's Personal Statement

At times, life can feel like wandering through a dark cave alone. You may find yourself hitting the same walls again and again or frozen in fear, unsure of what step to take next.

As a therapist, my goal is to understand who you are and what led you here. Together, we will shine a light on some of your blindspots and define your values so that you can take begin moving towards whatever brings you meaning in life. I take a flexible, tailored approach to therapy, taking into account your personal preferences, strengths and values within an empirically-supported framework. I use various evidence-based modalities drawing mostly from ACT, DBT, CBT and psychodynamic approaches in order to help you reach your goals. We know from research that a strong therapist-client relationship is a greater predictor of treatment outcome than any one intervention or modality. To that end, my principal aim is to build a strong foundation of trust so that you feel safe taking risks on your way to building a life worth living.

I earned my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Kansas, with a research focus in the area of human sexuality (specifically, LGBTQ+ identity development, sexual consent, and the intersection of technology and sexuality). I continue to present my research at scientific conferences and to peer-review for scientific journals related to this topic. I completed my pre-doctoral internship at the Long Beach VA Medical Center and my post-doctoral residency at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center in Substance Use Disorders and Homeless Mental Health. I have had the honor of helping veterans heal from trauma both within outpatient and residential/inpatient settings. Trauma can distort your sense of safety and leave you feeling numb, out of control, and disconnected from yourself. What I love most about this work is the opportunity to help clients take back control and integrate their painful experiences into the story of who they are today.

Though I consider myself a generalist, I have extensive experience working with folks with severe trauma histories/PTSD, mood disorders, substance use, personality disorders, complex presentations, psychotic symptoms, relationship instability and challenges with emotion regulation. I love to work with folks who are new to therapy, engaged in major life transitions or in the process of identity development. I am also particularly passionate about supporting individuals along the gender and sexuality spectrum.

I have never walked through your particular cave but I will meet you wherever you are with a flashlight and — together — we will find our way out.