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Kira Xiong, Associate Professional Clinical CounselorCall Kira at (562) 684-1314, or email
Bixby Knolls, Long Beach

Kira Xiong, MS

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
Associate Professional Clinical Counselor
Supervised by Aubrey Studebaker, MA,
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT110502)

“I am here to guide you through the darkness and into a life full of meaning, connection and joy.”


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Kira's Personal Statement

It is easy to get clouded in life. We think that the world operates in a certain way because of how we grow up. And when we grow up, we realize how much pain we have gone through and then created through the years. We try to avoid thinking about it. We hide it from others, and in turn we are alone in all the mess and chaos and don’t know the way out.

I am here to guide you through that darkness and into a life full of meaning, connection and joy.

Into the life you want.

Obtaining my M.S. Clinical Psychology degree at Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, CA equipped me to work with people who have been through all kinds of pain and loss. Trauma, relationships, disabilities, and failures are some of the way pain and loss come to us. When left unaddressed, this can affect various aspects of our life and our perspective of identity, worth and purpose.

I have experience working with people from ages 6 to 86, who come from all kinds of backgrounds, identities and expressions. People who feel like they never belong anywhere. People who cannot get out of bed for days because the weight of sadness is unbearable. People who cannot leave their home because the threat of others seeing them having a panic attack would be crippling. People who question themselves often and wonder why they feel they can never do anything right.

If you are at a point that you’ve had enough, let’s talk. Therapy is a journey where there will be highs and lows. You may even discover pain you didn’t know about before. And there may be relief and comfort you never thought you could have. It all begins with you. I am here to show you the way.