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Bixby Knolls, Long Beach

Hailey Hause, MA

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
Supervised by Aubrey Studebaker, MA,
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT110502)

"I'll help you turn your inner critic into an inner ally."


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Hailey's Personal Statement

Deciding to take the first step towards healing can feel uncomfortable and intimidating, but it is also one of the most courageous steps you can take. Having a safe space to feel authentically seen is such an important part of the healing process. As a therapist, my goal is to co-create that safe space to help you explore and understand yourself with compassion, curiosity, and gentleness. This is how I believe true and lasting change can take place.

My therapeutic style is warm, collaborative, down-to-earth, and compassion-focused. I work from a holistic, integrative approach that recognizes the individual needs of each person. In my training as a marriage and family therapist, I have been honored to have worked with a wide range of clients from all ages, cultural backgrounds, and walks of life. I have experience in community-based mental health settings and have been trained to work with a variety of treatment modalities including Emotion-Focused, CBT, and Family Systems. I also have a special interest in utilizing “parts-work” and IFS in therapy, which recognizes that we all have various “parts” within us that may be hidden/burdened and that deserve to be met with patience and empathy.

Past traumas and current stressors in our lives can leave us feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, and stuck. I feel most passionate about helping people get “unstuck” by digging deeper into core beliefs, unconscious patterns, and through developing a more loving relationship with yourself. I believe that you are the expert on your life, and that my role as a therapist is to help get you to a place in which you feel empowered to access your innate wisdom and strength. I would be honored to become a part of your healing journey.