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Aubrey Studebaker, MA

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

“I'll help you become the hero of your own story.”


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Aubrey's Personal Statement

Choosing to begin therapy can be a difficult — and vulnerable — step. And this choice usually comes at a time when things are already difficult. Maybe there has been a big life change, a loss, a crisis of faith, a traumatic event. Or maybe you have noticed patterns in your relationships and other areas of your life that you would like to change. Whatever the difficulty, it helps to have a non-judgmental space to work through it.

I have been honored to have met with individuals of a variety of ages (3 years into 80s), with many experiences and from many walks of life. And I have noticed that people often already know what they need. (But might think that they don’t!) I see each individual as the expert on their own life and experience. Sometimes the knowledge of what is needed is buried deeply and I can help dig to find it. Other times it is just under the surface and we can observe it together; begin to understand it. My job is to use my training to inform treatment, to provide validation, support and encouragement as we look together for solutions, resolutions, and personal growth.

As a marital and family therapist, I am interested in aiding clients in gaining insight about how their families of origin and formative relationships and experiences may be impacting them now. As an art therapist, I am passionate about providing ways for clients to process and gain insight nonverbally. As a human, I am privileged to witness and hold the stories of my clients.