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Psychotherapy re-energizing depressed and anxious brains in Long Beach, California

When Freud discovered the power of psychotherapy, he called it "the talking cure."

Psychotherapy is a collaborative exploration of your way of being. Our therapists will work with you to understand how your life experiences have shaped your habits and beliefs, and help you engage in the deeply creative and spiritual process of shaping your destiny. Along the way, you can shed the heavy burdens of anxiety and past trauma, and light a path through depression and discouragement. Our bright, funny, and experienced therapists will be with you every step of the way. We’ll help you feel safe (even if it’s for the first time ever), and find the courage to test out new ways of being.

Common issues addressed in psychotherapy include anxiety, trauma, shame, self-acceptance, motivation, depression, mood swings, obsessive thoughts, addictions, sleep problems, psychosis, and difficulty in relationships.

We offer therapy services in-person at our beautiful office in Long Beach, as well as online therapy anywhere in California.

By working outside of the insurance system, we're able to focus on providing high availability and premium quality services for our clients.

For any questions, or to set up an appointment, call us at (562) 684-1300 or email Our team can usually respond within an hour or two.

Psychotherapists focused on effective, personalized treatment

Ekaterini Angelis, Marriage & Family Therapist in Long Beach, CA

Ekaterini Angelis

Licensed Marriage &
Family Therapist

Specializes in self-esteem, grief counseling, and building strong healthy relationships.

Kayla Dean, Marriage & Family Therapist in Long Beach, CA

Kayla Dean

Licensed Marriage &
Family Therapist

Helps survivors of abuse and discrimination heal from the past and access personal strength and growth.

Erica Lima, Associate Therapy in Long Beach, CA

Erica Lima

Associate Clinical
Social Worker

Specializes in women's issues, eating disorders, addictions, and trauma. Helps clients accept themselves & overcome limiting beliefs.

Kiran Haynes, Marriage & Family Therapist in Long Beach, CA

Kiran Haynes

Licensed Marriage &
Family Therapist

Specializes in complex trauma, family therapy, and chronic medical issues.

Carmela DuBois, Associate Psychologist in Long Beach, CA

Dr. Carmela DuBois

Psychological Associate

Helps young women, survivors of trauma, police & first responders, and others who need help hanging in there.

Dr. David Godot, Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Long Beach, CA

Dr. David Godot

Supervising Psychologist

Provides psychological assessment & treatment planning. Specialties in complex trauma, autism spectrum, and clinical hypnosis.