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Married couple in therapy joining hands after conflict, cheating, or lack of intimacy

Marriage counseling helps couples build a better life together

Married couples make a commitment to be partners in life — but often haven’t been taught how to make that partnership successful over time. They often struggle to find agreement on issues like money, sex, and parenting. And many couples end up arguing over many small things, hurting each other's feelings, and feeling unsupported or unappreciated.

Marriage counseling focuses on working through the problems and impediments that have arisen over time, and empowering couples to find more satisfying ways of experiencing life together. At Psych Lab, our therapists help couples break down the walls between them, and learn to communicate in ways that are emotionally open, honest, kind, and collaborative. You can:

Online marriage counseling sessions are also available for busy couples or those separated by frequent or prolonged travel.

By working outside of the insurance system, we're able to focus on providing high availability and premium quality services for our clients.

For any questions, or to set up an appointment, call us at (562) 684-1300 or email Our team can usually respond within an hour or two.

Experienced marriage counselors who really understand relationships

Maria Gutierrez, Associate Psychologist in Long Beach, CA

Dr. Maria Gutierrez

Psychological Associate

Bilingual therapist specializing in eating disorders, childhood trauma, and depression.

Tyra Norwood, Associate Therapist in Long Beach, CA

Tyra Norwood

Associate Marriage &
Family Therapist

Helps people heal from complex family issues, trauma, depression, and anxiety.

Heather Tetiva, Psychological Associate in Long Beach, CA

Heather Tetiva

Psychological Associate
Licensed Social Worker

Works with teens, adults, and families to heal from complex trauma & interpersonal conflict.

Melissa Olmedo, Associate Therapist in Long Beach, CA

Melissa Olmedo

Registered Dance &
Movement Therapist

Specializes in therapy to heal the mind-body relationship, invigorate creativity, and explore the depths of your self & identity.

Carmela DuBois, Life Coach in Long Beach, CA

Dr. Carmela DuBois

Mental Health &
ADHD Coach

Helps couples work through emotional baggage, lost trust, and codependency.

Azizeh Chamani, Associate Therapist in Long Beach, CA

Azizeh Chamani

Associate Professional
Clinical Counselor

Specializes in domestic violence issues, problems with family & school, and helping people break out of negative patterns in life.

Hailey Hause, Associate Therapist in Long Beach, CA

Hailey Hause

Associate Marriage &
Family Therapist

Focused on healing trauma and social anxiety, and facilitating personal growth.

Sophia Jackson, Associate Therapist in Long Beach, CA

Sophia Jackson

Associate Marriage &
Family Therapist

Specializes in therapy for grief & loss, depression, and relationships.

Aubrey Studebaker, Marriage & Family Therapist in Long Beach, CA

Aubrey Studebaker

Supervising Therapist

Helps people work through trauma, identity issues, & tough life transitions.

Dr. David Godot, Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Long Beach, CA

Dr. David Godot

Supervising Psychologist

Helps couples cope with issues arising from trauma and mental illness.