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Group Therapy for Complex PTSD in Long Beach, California

Group Therapy for Complex PTSD Survivors

Our closed, process-oriented group therapy experience focuses on developing healing relationships and is intended to be a consistent source of support for 5-10 individuals for at least six months at a time.

Group meetings focus on issues around trust, boundaries, regulating emotions, relating to self and others, and other topics related to healing from CPTSD. Not every discussion will focus on trauma, but everyone in the group with you is someone who can understand first-hand the impacts that traumatic experiences may have had on you.

Group members must also be involved in their own ongoing individual psychotherapy.

Experienced therapists leading powerful group experiences

Carmela DuBois, Associate Psychologist in Long Beach, CA

Dr. Carmela DuBois

Psychological Associate

Dr. DuBois uses her experience with trauma to help clients connect with themselves and each other.

Dr. David Godot, Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Long Beach, CA

Dr. David Godot

Supervising Psychologist

Dr. Godot helps survivors find their inner strength to heal.

Tim Leslie, MA, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Long Beach, CA

Tim Leslie

Licensed Marriage &
Family Therapist

Tim helps clients develop skills for self-regulating thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.