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Long Beach, California family growing together in family counseling

Family therapy brings home healing and balance

By helping you optimize interactions and improve relationships, our family therapists can help your family regain balance, flexibility, and harmony. It's valuable for addressing any issues that affect the whole family, such as:

Our experienced therapy team understands the complex patterns that play out within a family system. We offer practical advice on what you can do to help yourselves and your kids succeed and be happy. We help you learn more helpful styles of communication, fostering openness & collaboration. You can also learn to set healthy boundaries, enjoy mutual respect, and overcome family traumas. Online family counseling sessions are also available for busy families or those coping with regular travel.

By working outside of the insurance system, we're able to focus on providing high availability and premium quality services for our clients.

For any questions, or to set up an appointment, call us at (562) 684-1300 or email Our team can usually respond within an hour or two.

Experienced family therapists who help families heal

Aubrey Studebaker, Marriage & Family Therapist in Long Beach, CA

Aubrey Studebaker

Licensed Marriage &
Family Therapist

Helps people work through trauma, identity issues, & tough life transitions.

Christopher Patton, Associate Psychologist in Long Beach, CA

Dr. Christopher Patton

Psychological Associate

Specializes in psychological testing, and in integrative therapy for anxiety, depression, trauma, and self-esteem issues.

Diadra Smith, Associate Therapist in Long Beach, CA

Diadra Smith

Associate Clinical
Social Worker

Specializes in the treatment of trauma, bipolar and other mood disorders, and race & gender issues.

Azizeh Chamani, Associate Therapist in Long Beach, CA

Azizeh Chamani

Associate Marriage &
Family Therapist

Specializes in domestic violence issues, problems with family & school, and helping people break out of negative patterns in life.

Kiran Haynes, Marriage & Family Therapist in Long Beach, CA

Kiran Haynes

Licensed Marriage &
Family Therapist

Helps families navigate issues around loss, grief, divorce, separation, and remarriage.

Ekaterini Angelis, Marriage & Family Therapist in Long Beach, CA

Ekaterini Angelis

Licensed Marriage &
Family Therapist

Specializes in self-esteem, grief counseling, and building strong healthy relationships.

Kayla Dean, Marriage & Family Therapist in Long Beach, CA

Kayla Dean

Licensed Marriage &
Family Therapist

Helps families strengthen their understanding & empathy around issues of racial, sexual, gender, and neurological diversity.

Erica Lima, Associate Therapist in Long Beach, CA

Erica Lima

Associate Clinical
Social Worker

Specializes in issues around pregnancy, parenting, and family harmony.

Carmela DuBois, Associate Psychologist in Long Beach, CA

Dr. Carmela DuBois

Psychological Associate

Specializes in helping families of military, police, first responders, and other high-stress professions.

Dr. David Godot, Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Long Beach, CA

Dr. David Godot

Supervising Psychologist

Focuses on helping families manage the effects of trauma and mental illness.

How does family therapy work?

Family therapy is typically structured into weekly 50- or 90-minute sessions.

Your therapist will work to identify the problems affecting the family and any patterns of communication that might be working against you. These could include power struggles, conflicting beliefs, or stress caused by external circumstances.

Next, you'll get to work on developing practical communication skills, resolving conflicts, negotiating better boundaries, and supporting one another more fully.

How long does family therapy usually take?

As with individual therapy, the duration of family therapy can vary significantly based on the nature and severity of the problems being addressed.

Family therapy focused on coping with loss or change may take as few as 6 to 8 sessions. Research has found that family therapy aimed at working with severe emotional or behavioral issues shows its greatest effects after at least 20 sessions.

When to choose family therapy vs. individual therapy?

Family therapy offers a major benefit for serious or complex problems — especially where the disordered individual is not willing or able to fully engage in therapy on their own. Examples include:

  • Behavioral problems in children & adolescents
  • Eating disorders, especially in children
  • Domestic violence
  • Addictions
  • Psychosomatic disorders
  • Narcissistic or antisocial personality
  • Problems adapting to developmental disorders (like ADHD or autism spectrum)
  • Serious mental illness such as bipolar, schizophrenia, psychosis, severe depression, or agoraphobia

Is family therapy covered by insurance?

Insurance may cover family therapy if it is focused on treating a family member's diagnosed mental health condition.

For example, family therapy can be an important part of the treatment for a teenager's anxiety or oppositional defiance, a mother's postpartum depression, or a father's bipolar disorder. If one or more members of your family are suffering any kind of emotional disturbance, we'll provide the documentation you need to file an insurance claim.

Psych Lab is a private clinic providing out-of-network service. We do not bill insurance directly, and collect payment directly from patients at the time of service. However, we do provide an app that makes it easy to submit claims for reimbursement from your smart phone in less than a minute.