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Therapy for Negativity & Pessimism in Long Beach, California

Therapy to Get Control of Negativity & Pessimism

Do you want to feel good about the present and optimistic about the future? The human brain is wired to be naturally pessmistic, so we have to be very intentional about the way we manage our thoughts and emotions. If you find negativity taking over your worldview and messing up your relationships, you can probably benefit from getting some outside help.

At Psych Lab, we know how hopeless it can feel when life never seems to give you a break. We'll help you recalibrate your expectations so you can clearly see what is working for you and what is not. Over time, you can learn to steer your thoughts, and your life, toward more joyful possibilities.

If you are ready to stop getting lost in the darkest timeline — give us a call for your free phone consultation.

The therapists at Psych Lab can help you:

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Therapists who help put you in control of your thoughts

Sandra Gelblicht, Associate Psychologist in Long Beach, CA

Dr. Sandra Gelblicht

Psychological Associate

A guide for the safe exploration & resolution of past disappointments and betrayals

Kiran Haynes, Marriage & Family Therapist in Long Beach, CA

Kiran Haynes

Licensed Marriage &
Family Therapist

Help for letting go of disappointments and finding joy in your life

Carmela DuBois, Associate Psychologist in Long Beach, CA

Dr. Carmela DuBois

Psychological Associate

Intensive help to release you from the clutches of negativity and pessimism

Tim Leslie, MA, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Long Beach, CA

Tim Leslie

Licensed Marriage &
Family Therapist

Thoughtful guidance in examining the root of your discouragement and weeding out what does not serve you