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Bixby Knolls, Long Beach

Tyra Norwood, MS

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
Supervised by David Godot, Psy.D.,
Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY27572)

"I create a safe, supportive, calm space for you to heal."


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Tyra's Personal Statement

Whether you grew up in a family that believed in mental health or were molded by an environment that held a stigma against therapy, your experiences of hardship and hope have led to this first step toward change. I believe therapy has power, by giving you ways of understanding where you are in your life and how you got here, to show you new choices you didn't realize you had available to you. I will collaborate with you to find your way through this challenging and rewarding process.

I have a Master’s degree in Counseling with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from California State University Northridge (CSUN). I was taught through a trauma-informed lens that focused primarily on the effects of trauma on the brain. My clinical training and post-graduate experience consisted of providing therapy to fostered youth and adolescents suffering loss, grief, depression, anger, sadness, rejection, shame and guilt stemming from the difficult experiences they'd been through in life. I have much experience helping people work through issues related to identity, depression, parent-child conflict, behavioral concerns, anxiety, loss, and family separation.

I am extremely passionate about helping trauma survivors take control of their narrative and reestablish their sense of power/control of their lives. I have experience helping families and individuals understand trauma and its effect on a person’s mood and actions. So often we are dealing with patterns of triggers and need support to acknowledge the generational patterns of hardship or abuse that have been projected onto us since childhood. Therapy is not always easy or flowing, it can be uncomfortable, hard, but also the most rewarding. I work hard to cultivate safety and calm in our discussions of things that can be very difficult to talk through and a growth process that can be painful. I'll be here for you to help you learn to be there for yourself.