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Tim Leslie, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Tim Leslie, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Hello and welcome! As a marriage and family therapist, I enjoy working with couples, families and individuals that have concerns regarding relationships. I strive to help people overcome the motivational blocks and self-sabotage that often get in the way of fulfilling relationships.

I believe that therapy should be a collaborative experience — my clients get the most out our work together work if they are actively involved in the process.

I primarily focus on helping people through life transitions, and on overcoming the influence of difficult early relationships. I'm very experienced in working with teens and young adults, in both individual and family therapy.

One of the most important prerequisites for effective therapy is building a sense of trust and safety. This work can be challenging and it’s important to me to help you feel that you have what you need to reach your goals safely. In addition to providing therapy, I am also a professor and enjoy finding creative ways to help people understand things better.

It is my great privilege to support you through this important time in your journey through life!

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