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Bixby Knolls, Long Beach

Ekaterini Angelis, MA

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

“I help people find themselves when it feels like all is lost.”


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Katie's Personal Statement

I'm so happy and honored to know that you are considering trusting me to be your therapist. It can be really intimidating to think about starting therapy and choosing a therapist. It's a time when you may be facing some pretty intense inner conflicts and maybe second-guessing whether you want to do this at all. I am here from a place of non-judgment ready to witness your story and collaborate with you on how to make your life better.

I'm fully licensed as a Marriage & Family Therapist, and I'm trained to work from a variety of perspectives including Art Therapy — which is a way of helping you tap into creativity to understand yourself better and find unique solutions to your problems. I work from a "trauma-informed" perspective, which means I think the things we go through make us who we are... and when something hurts you emotionally it can have a lasting impact and affect other areas of your life. I'm passionate about helping people find their way through those past trauma in order to explore and discover your authentic self.

Whether you're going through trauma, anxiety, depression, domestic violence, relationship conflict, self-esteem, grief & loss, and spiritual abuse — I'll offer an experienced, compassionate, and level-headed perspective. I'm sensitive to the personal and cultural differences of my clients. I believe no two people are the same, and so I work hard to tailor the therapy to match your needs instead of trying to do the same thing with every patient.