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Bixby Knolls, Long Beach

Diadra Smith, MSW

Associate Clinical Social Worker
Supervised by David Godot, Psy.D.,
Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY27572)

"I'll help you face life's difficulties, and give yourself permission to take control."


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Diadra's Personal Statement

Have you been someone who’s felt overwhelmed with managing your day to day? Maybe struggling to connect with loved ones or colleagues? Or just consistently having that feeling that “this just isn’t where I want to be!"? Have you felt this way longer than you’d like to admit?

My job is to create a space that is safe, brave, and helps encourage you to find your most authentic self. I believe in abolishing what therapy is “supposed” to look like. I will see our relationship as a team effort, asking you for your expertise on your life while I provide guidance through empowerment and advocacy.

I am drawn to working with adolescents, adults, couples (including non-monogamous relationships) and families. I have a passion for working with BIPOC, neurodiverse, and LGBTQIA+ communities and helping to heal specific trauma, environmental inequities and identity issues unique to our experiences.

If reaching out for help feels scary or shameful, I’d like to offer the idea that you are on the verge of change. Acknowledging what isn’t working today is a big first step to making the changes you would like to see tomorrow. You’re coming at just the right time. However you found your way here, I am honored to be considered to walk with you on your journey to healing.