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Caleb Park, Associate Marriage & Family TherapistCall Caleb at (562) 684-1311, or email
Bixby Knolls, Long Beach

Caleb Park, MA

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
Supervised by David Godot, Psy.D.,
Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY27572)

"I'll help you break out of the harmful cycles in your life."


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Caleb's Personal Statement

Hello! Does it ever feel like your past experiences are limiting your choices in life? I am here to help you gain a better understanding of your emotional struggles, and more options for addressing them.

I use a clear, direct, and focused approach to help you gain insight, skills for coping, and resolved unprocessed images, sounds, and events from your past that have been haunting you.

In our sessions, you will have a safe space to talk through your problems and needs. Nothing you bring into therapy will ever be judged. I will be there to help you process and dilute the triggers of your memories. By the end, you will be equipped to face your fears, uncomfortable feelings, and uncertainties — and move toward the future you deserve.

I have personal experience when it comes to work stress, broken family structures, trauma, and anxiety. I understand from the depth of my heart as I have personally struggled through each layer of hardships. The therapist I saw as a youth did not understand me or give me the coping skills I needed at the time, so I know how difficult it can be to seek help and fear that the therapist may not have what you need. My focus in working with you will be help you find what you need, so that you can be empowered to overcome the problems you've been facing.